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Texa Overview

Texa Metals & Alloys Pvt Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of Aluminium Alloy Ingots & Aluminium Molten (liquid) Alloys. We are fastest growing company in Aluminium Alloy manufacturing. Texa manufacture different grades and specifications as per the IS, BS, JIS, DIN and ASTM standards. We aim to achieve highest customer satisfaction in product & service. We are fully equipped with the latest machinery and advanced technology.

Texa is engaged in creating advance alloys with high-yield strength and conductivity while being resistant to hot tearing in order to be used in die casting drive unit components and Electric Vehicle body parts.

Texa Products
Aluminium Alloy Ingots
Aluminium Alloy Ingots

Texa manufactures high quality Aluminium Alloy Ingots of various grades. We carefully monitor our quality and the chemical composition for all our alloys.

We produce a vast range of aluminium alloys such as ADC 12, LM 24, LM 6, Al Si 132, Al Si9 Cu3, AC2B, AC4B, Al Si7mg, Al Si10 Mg.

Molten (liquid) Aluminium Alloys
Molten (liquid) Aluminium Alloys

>Get Molten Aluminium Alloy delivered direct to you!

We are the first manufacturer to deliver Molten Aluminium Alloy in Maharashtra. The concept of molten aluminium alloy has significant cost benefits to customer and is also beneficial for the environmental sustainability.

In order to ensure that your production processes run smoothly, we deliver the molten aluminium alloy directly from Texa to client with integrated supply chain, allowing for further processing without re-melting.

Our Core Values

Our mission is to provide the safest and highest quality Aluminium Alloys with integrity and the relentless pursuit of value for our customers.

We seek good relationships with suppliers, customers, and other supply-chain partners who share our core values of Safety, Integrity, and Continuous Improvement.

In the Texa we have developed a dedicated team of people with a valued wealth of knowledge and experience in the metal industry.

We manufacture all our products such that they meet the highest quality standards.

Texa Metals & Alloys Pvt Ltd. have the experience and knowledge along with a professional service to ensure we are your preferred choice!

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